The Crystal Property Group began with the vision of a native son returning to his island home and seeing the immense potential there was to this land. This man was Dr Dinuk Jayasuriya; an economist who planted the first seedlings of this entity with the conceptualisation of a luxury low rise development on the South Coast of Sri Lanka. With the addition of Reza Magdon Ismail and Kumar Sangakkara; CPG was formed and in the first 5 years of its existence was surged forward into the light as one of Sri Lanka's leading luxury leisure developers and hotel/hospitality operators. CPG is the result of accumulating a collection of dreamers and artisans; individuals who retained their childlike sense of wonderment and a burning desire to affect the world around us in a positive way. The CPG brand has evolved into one of stability and an effort to represent the best in corporate governance, engineering, project delivery, design and hospitality.

The Resort Residence Model; where the task is twofold - to conceptualise and deliver the most unique and profitable luxury leisure Developments and to manage the Resorts they become to the highest levels of international prestige. This allows CPG to create an entire ecosystem of developments and products that will exist cohesively and enhance each other. We choose to go the extra mile because it is our duty to do so, we hold responsibility over the land and communities we affect, we also hold responsibilities to our investors and team who have believed in our vision from inception. The CPG Team has battled the turmoil of the last 3 years with grace and poise; assessing danger present and dangers to come. It is with great pride that we announce that all staff were retained and scaled higher, new jobs were created and promises made; were delivered.

CPG's second project is unique to Asia and is a concept unlike any other; One of One of Six. CPG's third project will redefine luxury developments in Sri Lanka and there are preperations being made to embark on a journey filled with industry and geography defining product and an interconnected suite of offerrings that will push CPG to newer heights with each passing year.

This is only the beginning.

This is CPG.